In-person worship to begin with on-line option

September 30, 2020

Good day siblings in Christ!

This week’s note will be a short one. For the last two weeks, I have polled members of the congregation about indoor and in-person worship. We see that a large percentage of our members will not be returning to worship until there is a vaccine of some kind. Of those who will attend in person, the majority wanted a hybrid model, with in-person worship (also streamed online) on the first and last Sunday of each month and online only worship, which may include additional music, on the middle Sundays. The worship team decided this was the best route as well, so we will proceed with that for October and November and will re-evaluate in December.

This Sunday there will be in-person worship in the sanctuary and it will be streamed online as usual. Please remember to space from one another. The pews are taped off with 6 feet between open pews. If you come as a family, that whole pew is yours. If you come as a solo person, please sit either near the wall or near the aisle, which will allow 2 people per pew.

Please bring a mask, though masks are available if you need one, and remember to sign in. Hand sanitizer will be available as well.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson