Restarting more activities

May 19, 2021

Good day siblings in Christ,

It looks like we will definitely be outside for worship this week, as we are due for a gorgeous day. Our altar guild has been busy making the area with the cameras very appealing for Pentecost.

The dangerous trees behind the parsonage are down now and ready to be cut up. I believe there will be an organized event to pick up the wood. I also know there is so much that if you call Ken or Lee Ann, they can let you know when a good time to pick some up. I just like to remind people the parsonage is right there, so a 7 a.m. pickup will lead to a very grumpy pastor. Ha!

One of the discussion items at our last council was beginning to bring back some treasured parts of our identity as a church, namely hospitality. We are looking to restart having a very small coffee hour again. By this, we mean coffee and maybe 1 item to be eaten outside or in distanced groups indoors.

We are also looking to have a food event within the next few weeks. It is just a time outside of worship to be held outside to get to know one another again and see one another. We are looking for a coordinator who can help put this together. We also have some new people I would love you to meet.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson