Happy to see so many people returning

May 26, 2021

Good day siblings in Christ,

It looks as if outside should be dry but cloudy for Sunday, so bring a mask just in case we need to move quickly inside. I was so happy to see all the faces this last Sunday. It has been a difficult last year and seeing so many people return has been wonderful!

Coffee hour after the Sunday worship service has restarted. This is a very modified coffee hour, in that it is coffee and a nosh. Just one nosh, on purpose. Eating and drinking outside is highly encouraged over staying inside. We will be bringing things back slowly as we move forward.

We are still looking for someone to help organize a little outside potluck as a re-meet and greet each other event. We have not seen one another in a long time and this is just a gathering to do so.

Finally, for the time being I am going to put the Wednesday Bible study on hold until September. I really want to take time to re-organize and restructure it a bit, so we can have hybrid type of Bible study. I know this week two of our regulars cannot be there for the next couple of weeks and attendance has been here and there. I also have class coming up again, so it makes sense.

My hope is to offer another online study, but also do another Bible study for those who have never taken Bible study. This will be a few weeks long rather than ongoing, and will be on a single topic. Look for that in June.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson