Affirmation of baptism; tag sale

Good day siblings in Christ,

This week, we are celebrating the Affirmation of Baptism for Walter! We will definitely be inside this week and there will be young children (too young to get Covid vaccine yet) present, so we will need masks throughout the service and when walking through more public areas. How this will work this weekend is- wear a mask coming in and going out. Seated in your pew, feel free to unmask if you are distanced from someone. Singing, mask up again. If you are unvaccinated or have an autoimmune illness, it would be a good idea to stay masked.

Why all of this? Our air conditioning will be running in a closed area, so we want to limit the spread. A church our size can safely meet indoors about 30-40 minutes. This weekend, we will be hovering right around our safe limit and will have children present, so let’s be a bit more cautious as a way of hospitality. There will be a small coffee hour afterward.

SATURDAY! Yes, this Saturday! There will be a tag sale at the church from 9 am – 1 pm. Most of the items are upstairs already, so we can use some help with sorters and people who can price. If you have time on Saturday, we can use some extra hands, especially to haul stuff outside before we open and to haul things back in at the end. Lee Ann is the main contact for this one. We have LOTS of stuff as it has been collecting for 2 years now, so helping hands would be wonderful.

I did get a message from a colleague in Ossining. There is a need for food donations at the Padres Hispanos Center in Ossining. I am sharing what she wrote:

“Each day more people arrive at the assistance center of Ossining Padres Hispanos, Inc. Please, if you wish to help you can donate such food as rice, pasta, cereal, beans, tuna, salt, quinoa, oatmeal; dishwashing liquid; toothpaste; toothbrushes. You will be helping newly arrived families. You can bring these items to Ossining Padres Hispanos Center at 23-25 Spring St.”

Be love,
Pastor Johnson