New mask guidance

Good day siblings in Christ,

Thank you one and all for making Walter’s Affirmation of Baptism service quite special. We had a lovely day and a yummy cake. Big thanks to Sue and Bryan for providing the cake.

As many know, the CDC just revised their guidelines regarding indoor gatherings. If you did not see the news, it was to go back to being masked indoors, even if you have gotten the vaccine. Our plan is to stay outdoors as much as possible, but should we need to go indoors, it would be wise to wear a mask. I have just come to the place in my life where I always have a mask in my pocket or right near me. We will have a fresh supply of masks in the sanctuary if you forget and need one. We do have some immunocompromised members and some who care for family members. We will make adjustments as we learn more. I know you are probably tired, I know I am tired too, but I keep holding this thought in my head- “Don’t make a decision from your tiredness.”

There will not be much coming until September. I am going to be taking two weeks off in August, but just one Sunday, so we will have a modified service in two weeks.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson