Harry Chapin Hunger Walk

Good day siblings in Christ,

In just a few short weeks, the Harry Chapin Hunger Walk will be taking place in Croton. This race helps raise funds for those who are hungry, providing food for the under-served. This will be my third year in the race, but Our Saviour members have participated for years. We do have an Our Saviour Team, so if you register, please feel free to join the team at

Since the run happens very close to the start of the service, I will be participating virtually this year. Sometime during the week, I will do a 5K and turn in my time. I enjoy walking by the river, so if you see a guy wearing a God’s Work, Our Hands shirt, it means I am probably doing my walk.

As an aside, I have been out and about in the community more and many of you have seen me walking or exercising. I apologize if I passed you without acknowledging you. It is not an excuse, but I will share I can NYC walk with the best of people. I grew up in Brooklyn and took the train to HS and all sorts of places, so the NYC stare comes easily to me. If you want to say hi, you really have to get into my line of sight; otherwise I will pass you. I have literally passed my wife in the mall a few times in our marriage because I turned on the NYC stare. On the flip side, if I look to be really in the zone and in exercise wear and huffing and puffing, it probably means I am trying to keep a pace and heart rate going, so wave and say hi, but let me keep going.

I am excited because today I am getting my Pfizer booster, so I will be extra protected in the future.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson