Annual meeting this Sunday

Good day siblings in Christ,

This week will be our annual meeting immediately following the service. A Zoom link sent to church members may be used for both the service and the annual meeting. Since we are using Zoom, the service will not be streamed on YouTube this week. The service will be on Facebook as usual, but the annual meeting will be only in person or on Zoom. There will be one observer on Zoom during our annual meeting. It is my advisor from seminary, so no worries. For the next few months, she will be observing some of our events remotely before coming to visit us in the spring. This is part of the seminary process for the Doctorate in Ministry program.

All of the reports for the annual meeting were sent by email to congregation members. We also have a few printed copies at the church.

If I do not see you this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day fully!

Pastor Johnson