Returning greeters, readers, and coffee hour

Good day siblings in Christ,

Beginning in February, so one more week, we will begin to add elements back into the service which have been missing for a little bit. We will begin adding back ushers and greeters. We will also begin adding readers back into the service. The council felt we could safely begin adding things back slowly. Coffee hour will also return come February. If you can help as usher/greeter, reader, or coffee hour host, please contact Melanie at

Bible Study continues tonight and the topic is forgiveness. It will run for 5-6 weeks before we take a break. It will be offered online and in person at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. You may see my doctoral advisor Deacon Nancy on Zoom to observe the class.

Finally, we are really starting to look at how to use the space under the Fellowship Hall, more than likely for rental purposes. It is important that as we clean out that space, clutter does not return. We are excited because a lot of work has been done to fix up the area such as painting, rewiring the lights, new fixtures, and new door hardware. A lot of the work was done by John and Karen and by Ken. Big thanks to them. We are getting ready to toss the garbage and are going through and looking at what else needs to be done. If you would like any of the toys or books still left over, now is the time to grab them. We are slowly getting rid of them week by week.

Pastor Johnson