Trinity Sunday

Good day siblings in Christ,

This week is Trinity Sunday, one of the most difficult Sundays for preachers, as trying to “explain” the Trinity has eluded theologians for centuries. Let’s see how I do on Sunday. 

Pray for your council this weekend. We will be gathering in retreat on Saturday to create a new post-2020 vision for the church with its new realities and new challenges. It should be a good conversation and a hopeful one.

On Wednesday, June 29 from 11-12:30, we will be partnering at Temple Israel of Northern Westchester to create flower arrangements for those who are homebound. You will need a pickle jar or mason jar, a pair of scissors, a shoebox (if possible), and a willingness to help. If you can be there that Wednesday, please contact Yana Fomin (coordinator at Temple Israel) at Please identify yourself as a member of Our Saviour. I cannot be there that Wednesday, but hope to attend future ones.

This weekend was Croton Summerfest, and we did indeed have a winner for our quilt. I will say, the person who handed the winning ticket to the person after they made a donation was yours truly, so he got a pastor bump. Ha! Overall it was a wonderful activity, with lots of thanks to Karen P. for organizing it and all the volunteers who helped. In the end, $383 was raised to help Ukraine! While I was there, some individuals came and just handed us donations and did not ask for tickets. It was truly a way for a community to come together to help another community.

In other good news, I have gotten my revisions back for my Doctorate of Ministry proposal and there was only 1 sentence that needed revising. Not too bad.

Pastor Johnson