Continuing the Easter narrative

Good day siblings in Christ,

Thank you all for a wonderful Holy Week and Easter Sunday. I hope you got something from the joyous services offered this year. We continue the narrative as we dive into the Gospel of John and the Thomas narrative on Sunday.

Originally, I was going to take this week off as a time of rest, but I had too many items to do, so I will be taking April 8-12 off. I will not be in the office on those days and will postpone answering any messages (unless it is an emergency) until the following week. I will be there on that Sunday, but will be taking a midweek break. There will be no Bible study, as originally scheduled, for that week. It will resume on April 17.

On Sunday April 14, there are two big events! One is a congregational meeting to officially call Lee Ann as our Deacon. Like any other congregational meeting, we will need a quorum, so if you could be there that day, it would help tremendously. Thrivent will be hosting our coffee hour that day, which is our second big event on that day. Come learn about Thrivent and what it does.

Then on April 20 on Long Island, Lee Ann will officially be set aside along with other deacons of the Synod. The service is at 2:00 and it will be live streamed. If a group would like to go to the event from Our Saviour, please talk to one another. I have to be there at 10:00 a.m. for an ordination service to lead the opening, so I cannot drive people there. It would be lovely to have members of the congregation there to support Lee Ann.

The following day on April 21, we will have our party to celebrate Lee Ann. The council will be hosting coffee hour that day as we celebrate Deacon Lee Ann.

Several pastors in the Synod are having spoofing accounts contact members asking for money or gift cards. This happens regularly around this season. I will not ask you for money, so do not engage if you get this type of email. I don’t have a passport, so I will never be stuck in Europe and I would mooch from my parents if things got desperate 😂. It is the season for fake emails and texts.

There is still lots happening after Easter and we hope you will join the celebrations!

Pastor Johnson