Lay Participation

Lay participation is limited at present. As circumstances permit, members will again have many opportunities to use their God-given talents to enhance the worship experience.

Christmas Pageant
Christmas Pageant

Altar Guild

Altar Guild members work behind the scenes to prepare the altar in advance of the service and to wash items like communionware and put them away after the worship service.

Communion Assistant

Communion assistants offer wine to communicants, while Pastor distributes the bread.

Liturgical Assistant

The liturgical assistant reads some parts of the liturgy during the worship service.


The acolyte, who is usually a member of the current confirmation class, lights and extinguishes the candles during the worship service.


The lector reads the Old Testament lesson and the New Testament lesson during the worship service.


There are two ushers per service. Duties include welcoming worshipers at the door, handing out bulletins, and answering questions newcomers might have.


Once it is safe for the choir to meet again, anyone who loves to sing should contact Music Minister Phill Greenland to inquire about joining the choir.