One of the core values of Our Saviour is a focus on helping others. We are committed to helping locally within Croton and surrounding communities, nationally, and globally.

Locally, we offer our building space to recovery groups, hosting AA on Tuesday and Saturday nights and NA on Wednesday evenings. We are a polling site on election day and during the primaries. We welcome other groups who fit our mission and values to also use our building regularly. We also donate 20% of all of our Christmas Fair and Yard Sale donations to a local nonprofit group.

Other local groups we support financially are:

Each week, a group of crafters comes together to create quilts, school bags, face masks, and items for baby care kits. These items are created to be distributed through Lutheran World Relief, which focuses on getting people around the world help when they most need it. We try to follow this schedule annually:

  • Baby care kits at Christmas time
  • Quilts and health care kits are made throughout the year, but are on display and distributed in the spring.
  • School bags at the end of summer

Quilts for Lutheran World Relief

On July 11 we were delighted to see so many of our members in person at a special celebration and coffee hour showcasing our contributions to Lutheran World Relief. During the past year, our Christian Crafters group has sewn 30 quilts, which were on display, to be donated to LWR for distribution around the world. One quilt was auctioned to raise funds for the purchase of supplies to make more quilts next year. In addition to the quilts, we have donated a large number of school kits and health care kits to LWR.

We also support Lutheran Social Services of NY, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and its Metropolitan NY Synod. Every Christmas, we support Seafarers International House by creating Christmas-at-Sea gift satchels. We also do a letter writing campaign for Bread for the World, a group dedicated to helping those who need food.

Every group we support is part of our mission and our values. We carefully review all groups each year, while looking for other ways we can help, either financially or through our activity in the community.