Pastor Justin Johnson began his call with us in August 2018. He was ordained in 2000 after graduating from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. He served as a youth and family pastor in his first call, then in a college and farming town, a historic city, and now as pastor of Our Saviour. He loves working with youth, connecting with neighboring churches, and uplifting members to use their spiritual gifts to do God’s work.

Pastor Johnson is a self-proclaimed nerd in the truest sense of the word. An avid reader who plays video games and has been known to construct a LEGO or two, Pastor Johnson finds that these nerd-like qualities help him connect with people who may not be connected to the church.

His ministry passions, besides working with youth and ecumenical work, are standing with the LGBTQ+ community, helping those in need, speaking up for the immigrant and refugee, speaking out on issues of race and discrimination, and caring for those who may feel disenfranchised or voiceless. He has a long history of connecting with many communities to remind them of God’s love and grace “as we areā€¦not as we ought to be” (Brennan Manning).

He has been married to his partner Patty for over 20 years.