Advent: Writing the Gospel of Mark

December 2, 2020

Good day siblings in Christ!

We are in the midst of Advent and the time of waiting. I enjoy having a small devotional practice during Advent and this year, I partnered with Rev. Jenny at St. Augustine’s and came up with a practice to write the Gospel of Mark. The idea is to write, by hand, the Gospel of Mark from Advent through Epiphany. Mark will be our focus Gospel for the year and writing something by hand brings a different feel to it. Pick your favorite translation and go for it. I meant to suggest this last Sunday, but we are only 4 days behind and there is time to catch up (or begin it this Sunday). It is just a small devotional practice to help get into the mood of Advent.

  1. From Karen K.: I’m part of an interfaith Croton group called Empowering Women. We have been sponsoring a refugee family from Venezuela for some time. Their apartment in Croton was no longer available so they had to move to Thornwood. However, other family members are still in Croton, so the mom and two kids would like to find a home in Croton again. If anyone knows of an affordable apartment in Croton, please let Karen or Pastor know.
  2. The prayer list is making a return at next Sunday’s service, but it has not been updated since March. If there is anyone you would like to add, please let Melanie know.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson