Soup-er Bowl Sunday

February 4, 2021

Good day siblings in Christ,

I hope everyone survived the storm this week without any major damage. It looks as if we are going to get a little bit more snow on Sunday, but who knows. As we all know, this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, but it is also Soup-er Bowl Sunday. It is an annual event to raise funds for those who are hungry. Every year, the ELCA takes part in this wonderful program, which is all online this year.

The fun is you can “support” your favorite team online as well. While normally in person, I would do three bowls—Chiefs, Buccaneers, or Commercials—there are only two choices. If you would like to fight hunger by supporting the Buccaneers, you can donate with this link:

If you would like to support The Chiefs, you can donate through this link:

Both links go into the same pot, so it is all fun and games, no worries. There is no gambling involved and it goes to help those in need.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson