In-person worship

March 10, 2021

Good day siblings in Christ,

We had three people in worship last Sunday and it was great to see everyone who came. I figured it would be a slow rollout, so this was expected. Thus Sunday we will again welcome people into the sanctuary, but please remember that windows will be open for ventilation, so if it is 20 degrees like last Sunday, it might be a little chilly.

As it gets nicer outside, we will move outside to allow for a little bit more breathing room, humming along to the music, and a few more activities. We are so close right now and with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine also on the market, I believe we will have more people vaccinated by Spring than not.

There are new CDC guidelines about vaccinated people being able to be with other vaccinated people without masks. I am of the mindset of including people, so for the time being, we will continue to move more slowly. From those who have shared, I believe our congregation is in the 25-30% vaccinated stage, which is still too early for unmasking.

As for Easter, we are looking at reserving seats for the day if indoors. If we can go outdoors, we may make other arrangements to allow for a larger group. Right now, our church can seat approximately 20-25 individuals with social distancing and a few more if a whole family takes up a row.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson