New guidelines for mask wearing

April 30, 2021

Good evening everyone,

I am writing after having an email conversation with members of the council about the new CDC guidelines released on Tuesday regarding the wearing of masks. As a council, we have decided to follow the new guidelines set by the CDC and New York State when it comes to worship.

This means if we are worshiping outside, those who have been fully vaccinated do not have to wear masks, while those who have not been fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask. Fully vaccinated means two weeks after receiving the second shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or four weeks after receiving the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

If we are worshiping indoors, everyone will still need to wear a mask, including those fully vaccinated.

Other good news is there are also new guidelines about singing. Outside, we can sing. It shouldn’t be the type of singing to wake the neighbors, but we can sing at a regular volume. Inside, singing can be done with a mask, not all stops pulled, but at a higher volume than a whisper.

I am excited by these new guidelines. I am grateful for the council in helping us come to a decision. Together, we will continue to get through this. As of this evening, it seems likely that we will be worshiping outside this Sunday. Again, we will not be requiring masks if outdoors, but you are free to continue wearing them if you choose. I will be honest in stating I am not sure where I am personally right now, so I understand the conflict if you are feeling conflicted.

Take care everyone,
Pastor Johnson