Good day siblings in Christ,

Earlier this week, I sent a small poll to see if we should use the time when schools remove masks as a benchmark for our church to make masks optional in worship. A number of people responded positively that this should indeed be the time. Many also stated that even if we made masks optional, they would still wear masks. These are all wonderful responses. We have a council meeting at the end of the month where we will make a final decision. The council and I have been making the decisions together for the last number of years, so it isn’t just one individual having to. At this point, I would assume masks will be optional sometime mid March.

As for the pancake supper, we did not get much of a positive response. We had about 5 people respond positively. I was looking for about 10 at the minimum. It is not too late, but if there are no more positive responses, there probably will not be a pancake supper this year.

If you have been to the church recently, you may have noticed it has been spruced up. Karen P has been working hard at keeping the place presentable. As the new head of Evangelism, she has been walking through the building as a visitor might see it. Being hospitable right from the first impression has been important. Big thanks to her.

Finally, Bob is turning 90! A big happy birthday to Bob! May this be a special weekend.

Pastor Johnson