Why church?

Good day siblings in Christ,

As I shared in worship last week, I was away two weeks ago at a retreat focused on strengths and the big question: Why Church? The purpose of the question was to move us to focus on our mission, our identity, and our purpose. In the last two years, there has been a mass exodus of congregational members and clergy from across every denomination and religion. As we begin moving back toward a more normal life with Covid always present, the question that has come into my heart has been: Why are we trying to move back to what once was, when what once was has been heavily rejected in the last two years? Isn’t it time to reshape in such a way that is more life-giving to those in our pews? This is not just a reflection of Our Saviour, but the larger church as well. I have been wondering if my role should move toward more of a mentor and a trainer, so others can use their spiritual gifts for the growth of the church. The pastor-centric church model has been long gone and proven to not help strengthen disciples, so why return to it? Why not move toward a more Acts-centric way of doing things where the pastor is the trainer, evangelist, and teacher, while others are growing, doing, and using the gifts in service? Lofty questions, but ones the council will be wrestling with soon.

We will head outside again for Sunday worship starting in June. Last year many remarked how lovely it was to be outside in an open space with the birds singing. I agree, and it will also be a bit safer as we can use both outside and inside seating. It also gives a more intimate feeling. We will need to figure out how to distribute communion, so please pass on any ideas you have.

I want to remind everyone that on May 29, we will have a baptism and masks will be needed that week. It will be a joyous time.

There is Bible study tonight at 7:00 p.m.

Pastor Johnson