Big News!

Good day siblings in Christ,

I want to share some exciting news after two brief announcements.

Announcement 1: Bible study is tonight at 7:00 p.m., but will not happen next week due to a prior commitment.

Announcement 2: The ordination service where Lisa Stephens was ordained is on our Facebook page. It is a great service and I hope you will watch it and send well wishes.

Now for the BIG NEWS!

For the last month, the council and Croton Caring Committee have been in discussions about how we might better partner together. After a meeting I had with Molly from CCC, we discussed some open space we had and I showed her around the space. I am pleased to announce that a partnership has been reached where Croton Caring Committee will be using the “low ceiling room” under the office to store food shelf items to give to families in Croton who are experiencing setbacks. We will also be a distribution site for those food items.

This is a very important opportunity to partner with Croton Caring Committee and the council was very happy with this partnership. What this means, though, is that the larger section of the low ceiling room will no longer be accessible to use for Our Saviour members. We will be moving the Sunday School items out within the next few weeks, as well as some boxes that are currently sitting in the room. The smaller section of the room will still be used for storage for Our Saviour, but may have extra food tubs in there as well. You will also see volunteers from CCC coming in and out of the building on certain days and the larger rooms down the hall, under the Fellowship Hall, may be used to prep food boxes as long as those rooms are not being rented.

This was not the only exciting news this week either. One I cannot tell you about yet, as there are plans in the works, but I can give a small hint. You will be hearing about Lorraine Hansberry a lot in the coming months. In two weeks, there is a discussion on a book about her life at the library. There is also a search for Croton residents who may have attended her speech in 1963 in Croton. Some of the participants in the speech were members of Our Saviour, so the town is looking for individuals who may have been there, but also pictures from our archives. All of this will lead to another potential announcement, but until I know more, I will just put that teaser out there.

Big things are happening and it is exciting!

Pastor Johnson