Good day siblings in Christ,

Good day everyone! Thank you to those who have filled out the RIC survey. We have a good sample size of the congregation to get some data, but could certainly use more responses. We have council on Sunday, so I will be sharing the final results of the survey then. If you could send your responses by Saturday morning at 10 a.m., I can put a comprehensive report to council. To give a small preview, we are 100% of the same mind when it comes to becoming an RIC congregation, but not quite on the same page when it comes to having a flag present. I did share on Sunday that my wording may have given the impression that I meant flying a flag in the sanctuary, but that was not the intent. I do not believe any flags should be in the sanctuary, but understood why during WWI and WWII it was important in German congregations, especially. I would not place a flag in the sanctuary though, so no worries.

For those that missed the announcement, on October 15, which is the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the congregation, Bishop Paul Egensteiner will be present with us.

On June 11, there is a gathering at Temple Israel at 2 p.m. to honor a speech given by Lorraine Hansberry. At the time the speech centered on anti-racism and voting rights for African Americans. Houses of worship signed on as a support group and pledged help for African Americans during this time. Our Saviour was one of those congregations. The hope is the pastor and members of the congregation would be present at the gathering to recommit to these promises. I will be present and a special sermon will be given on that date. If you are around, I would love to have members representing us there as well.

Finally, this Friday and Saturday the Metro NY Synod Assembly will be gathering in Long Island. Lee Ann and I will be present and representing you at the gathering. This is the first one in 3 years that is in-person. I have been nominated to a Synod Council position, but it is an open seat, so others may get nominated from the floor. It should be a good gathering. Pray for discernment as we gather. If you are interested in seeing what happens, there will be a livestream on the Metro NY Synod’s Facebook page.

Pastor Johnson