Good day siblings in Christ,

For those interested, Larry’s band will be playing in Senasqua Park tonight after a reschedule from last night.

This week following worship, I will be taking a small vacation for a few days, so I will not be in the office. It is just a few days and I will be back by the end of the week.

We will be doing a big cleaning of our congregational roll over the summer. The constitution states that in order to be an active, voting member, one must have given a donation of record in the last year AND have taken communion. For the purpose of cleaning our roll, we have extended that time period to the last 3 years. There are currently 112 names we are looking at, with some who are students, some who have died, some who moved, and some of who have been on our rolls as visitors. The council votes on any final recommendations. Having a clean roll gives a true and accurate picture of where we are as a congregation and helps when having congregational meetings.

At the end of July through all of August, the lectionary readings will all be on bread. It is a preacher’s dilemma because the topic is important, but 5 weeks on bread is a lot of preaching on bread. We will have a special bread liturgy and since your pastor is way into bread and baking it, each week we will focus on a different type of bread and it will be our communion loaf for the day.

I think that is it. See you tomorrow!

Pastor Johnson