Reformation Sunday with Affirmation of Baptism

October 20, 2020

Good day siblings in Christ!

This week, our service is in person (and online too) and we have a very special event—Reformation Day AND the Affirmation of Baptism for Carter. It will be a joyous celebration.

As we are in person and this is a special occasion, I wanted to let everyone know we already have 17 confirmed attendees. Many will sit in a row together as family, but space will still be limited. Masks must be needed as usual for safety reasons.

It will be a communion Sunday, so if you would like to participate at home, please have bread and wine ready during that part of the service.

I am also asking the congregation to enter into a time of prayer for the next few weeks. Saturday will begin early voting and many are anxious during this time. It would be good to enter into a time of prayer and meditation to help provide focus and guidance as you and others vote. In addition to prayer time, I am planning to limit my social media time as it will not be pretty for the next few weeks. Please join in during this time of prayer.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson