In-person worship November 1 and 7; seeking a ping pong table

October 27, 2020

Good day siblings in Christ!

What a wonderful service last week! It was great to celebrate the day with Carter and his family. 

Worship this week will be in person, so feel free to join us in person or online. After a lot of consideration, next week’s service will also be in person. With such a high tension for election season, I figured some individuals may want to come together following the election to worship or just sit in the sanctuary. So both this week and next week will be in-person services.

On Election Day, if you want to be in the church to pray or be still for a moment, I will leave the office door open during the day and close it in the evening. It will be a place for stillness. This door is far away from those entering the link to vote. Please continue to pray and/or meditate daily during this time.

Our crafting group is looking for a ping pong table. We don’t need the nets or paddles, but just the table to help create beautiful quilts. If you have one, please contact Lois or the church office.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson