Bible study

April 14, 2021

Good day siblings in Christ,

There will be a special service, so we will be worshiping inside. Why? We have a Baptism! Jamie and Jay’s daughter Juliet is celebrating her baptism this week. It will be a joyous celebration and I look forward to it.

Wednesday night Bible study will return on April 28 due to a Synod event happening next Wednesday, but we are trying something new too. Many have said they wanted to come to Bible study, but Wednesday doesn’t work or there is a bit of tiredness after work, so I am trying for the next 5 weeks an asynchronous Bible study on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

I have recorded a one take (so expect mistakes) looking at the Easter narrative in Mark. It is only about 16 minutes long and is meant to give the feel of a Bible study. The hope is in the comments sections, you will interact with one another. These will run for the next 5 weeks on Thursdays with the Easter narrative of each Gospel being the focus until Ascension Day, when the Ascension narrative will be the focus.

My hope is this offering will help with those who want to get more into the Bible, but can’t come out during the week. Let me know how it works. The first one is scheduled for release about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson