Events this Sunday

Good day siblings in Christ,

I tried to get away for a few days last week, but had to return quickly thanks to the storms, so my 3 days became 1 day away. It was nice to see Lake George though and listen to it lap against the sand.

There are two big events this Sunday. If you could be there, it would be wonderful to see you. It looks like it will be cloudy, but no rain on Sunday, so we should be outside.

Immediately following the service, we are having a brief special congregational meeting to vote on a proposal regarding the Circle School. This will be followed by the big Lutheran World Relief celebration. This is a time to get to re-know one another at a special coffee hour and see some of the work the ladies of the LWR quilting group have done. There is an auction, where one person will be able to select one quilt from any of the 30 made this year. Very exciting!

Be love,
Pastor Johnson