Change in streaming platforms

Good afternoon everyone,

I am on vacation this week and also next week during the week. This Sunday, we will have a pre-recorded service on Facebook and YouTube and an in-person service led by Lee Ann. There will be no Zoom this week.

Since I am writing about Zoom, there have been very few people “attending” on Zoom for the last several weeks. Throughout the summer, there were many weeks where no one was on Zoom and we turned it off midway through the service. Therefore, more than likely, Zoom will be phased out in September for Sunday worship, BUT will be replaced with YouTube. This will still allow for two online options for worship which will be accessible to members, friends, and family. We will still use Zoom for special services like Christmas Eve, Confirmation, and Easter, but for weekly “normal” services, we will more than likely be moving to YouTube and Facebook. Both will be live at 10:00 a.m. and recordings will stay on the pages for viewing later.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson