Restarting activities this fall

Good day siblings in Christ,

It is just about fall and that season always seems to bring a new type of life to the church. Unfortunately, we are still contending with a virus and new variants are appearing. I keep praying this will end one day soon, but it seems like slower is the way to go.

This means Sunday School, Confirmation, and Adult Faith Formation will continue to be shaped in a new way. Parents have been notified about Sunday School and will be notified about Confirmation shortly. As I shared on Sunday, we are going to try to do a hybrid type of Adult Faith Formation. Those who wish may gather in person, while we will also have a screen for those who wish to stay home. I am not quite sure how well it will work, but this is our current reality.

After this Sunday, we will be phasing out Zoom for “normal” Sunday worship, but moving YouTube in. Why? In short, there have been multiple Sundays with one or none on Zoom, whereas YouTube will allow a larger reach without the wall that Facebook has. It will still be live and you can still interact with one another, but you can now watch on your smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, etc. It gives more accessibility to individuals and families who would like to participate wherever they are. It will also allow us to keep a single link for both Facebook and YouTube. All of this is an experiment to help improve where we are.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson