Worship service moving indoors

Good morning everyone,

Beginning tomorrow, October 10, we will once again be inside the sanctuary for worship on Sunday. This means that masks will be needed for the time being during worship. After you sit, if you are socially distanced from others and vaccinated, you may remove your mask at your own discretion. Many may feel the need to keep their masks on for the entire service which is the preferred option. If going into a public space, such as the bathroom or hallways, please wear a mask.

In order to keep air circulating, the link windows and the windows on that side of the sanctuary will be open as well as the doors on that side. I am just sending a warning as it may be chillier than usual, so a sweater may be needed.

The altar guild and I have been discussing reintroducing wine during communion as well. We are planning to offer wine on special service days, such as Reformation Day, for the time being. We may not get it right the first few times, so please be patient with us.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Pastor Johnson