All Saints Sunday

Good day siblings in Christ,

Just a reminder that this week is fall back, so remember to turn your clocks back one hour.

This Sunday November 7 will be All Saints Sunday and I invite you to bring in little reminders of loved ones who have died and place them on the altar before the service. You don’t need to ask me, just place them there. It is a small reminder that we are surrounded by the saints always.

On Sunday November 21, we will have our annual meeting. It will be on both Zoom and in person. I will monitor the Zoom chat if there are any questions. A separate email will be coming this weekend with the book of reports.

Last week, I announced the return of the Christmas Fair . . . sort of. It is NOT a Christmas Craft Fair this year, but rather a scaled back version which we are calling a Christmas Pop Up. It will be second hand items, soup, baked goods, and a few crafts we had left. There may be vendors, but we are not sure right now as we are announcing it pretty late. It is VERY important that we recognize this is intended to be a scaled back version, hence the name change to Christmas Pop Up. The fair will run from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Satirday, December 4. We will need help in a few areas. There are flyers that can be taken to help advertise in your local areas. If you can take a few and put them up, it will help. We will also need some decorators. We have a few decorations, but we can use someone to coordinate and help put them up the day before the event. Finally, we are looking for some hands who can be cheerful and smiling and joyful that day. I am VERY excited some people are also excited about the return of this event, BUT if you have ideas about the day, please talk to me. I am the coordinator of a few key leaders. The leaders are doing their thing and if someone who isn’t part of the leadership team is recruiting people or asking about items, it will mess some things up. Please ask me first or ask one of the key leaders.  In charge of the second hand items is Lee Ann. The soup leader is Mary Beth. Dianne has been helping with flyers and promotion. We are still looking for a baked goods leader. We also have Karen M and Karen P helping. Those are our key leaders and they are gathering their volunteers.

Pastor Johnson