Starting to think about Christmas

Good day siblings in Christ,

In two weeks on November 21, we will have our annual meeting immediately following our worship service. On that day, we will be streaming on Zoom instead of YouTube in addition to Facebook. I stated a few weeks ago that we tried YouTube live and something would mess up every week. We never got many views on YouTube either. As we head into the Advent season, it makes more sense to switch back to Zoom and Facebook. This way Christmas Eve can be streamed via Zoom.

Since I am on the topic of Christmas Eve, as of right now, we are planning to have two services for Christmas Eve, one at 9 a.m. and one at 7 p.m. Why an early service? I have been listening to members and some try to avoid traveling at night. Some are also worried about larger crowds expected for Christmas Eve. This way if you want to have a Christmas Eve service without traveling in the evening, you will still get all the great songs and the candles. It will just be a bit brighter out. If you want a more traditional evening service, there is one at 7 p.m., like every year. Christmas Eve is a Friday this year.

Finally, plans for the Christmas Pop-up are well underway. We now have leaders for each activity including second-hand items, baked goods, soup, and a raffle. I am the overall coordinator. We are looking for volunteers to make baked goods and soup and to help decorate the parish hall the night before the event (we have decorations). We are also looking for second-hand items in good condition which would be great gifts if they were under a Christmas tree.

There is lots to get involved in and we would love you to be part of it.

Pastor Johnson