No in-person service January 9

Good day siblings in Christ,

A reminder that tomorrow’s service is all remote on Facebook and YouTube. Many of the leaders for this Sunday were sick, so we readjusted. I will apologize in saying that I recorded the service hastily as I was in a very heavy class this week. Grace is needed and understanding. I “riffed” my sermon, but I think there is still a wonderful message.

Now that all of the presents are unwrapped and Santa has delivered, perhaps there is a fruitcake that is not so desired or a candle that makes you wonder if the person really likes you or you got nine dish towels and need only six. Well, on January 16 we will have our first Great Our Saviour Gift Swap, sometimes known as Yankee Swap or White Elephant. It is very simple: bring a less than $10 gift which has been wrapped or bagged (so you can’t see inside). We will throw them on a pile, draw them one at a time, we will keep them wrapped until the end (yes, it is more fun, trust me), and then open to see what we got. It is a late, late Epiphany celebration!

I am still away this week. My retreat was canceled due to Covid, so I am going to use the time to rest and write my papers.

Pastor Johnson