In-person worship, gift swap, and Bible study

Good day siblings in Christ,

For those wondering, we will return to in-person worship this Sunday. Please continue to take precautions by wearing masks, but we will be back in action this Sunday. Thank you for understanding last week’s service and thank you for your patience. My classes are concluded for a few weeks and the next one should be a LOT lighter emotionally as it is on the Gospel of John. It is also my last class of this journey, as I start writing and researching my thesis beginning this summer.

This Sunday we will have our first Great Our Saviour Gift Swap sometimes known as Yankee Swap or White Elephant. It is very simple–bring a less than $10 gift which has been wrapped or bagged so you can’t see inside. We will throw them on a pile, draw them one at a time, keep them wrapped until the end (yes, it’s more fun, trust me), and then open to see what we got. It is a late, late Epiphany celebration!

Bible Study will resume this Wednesday and the topic is forgiveness. It will run for 5-6 weeks before we take a break. It will be offered online and in person at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Pastor Johnson