Reminder that life is precious

Good day siblings in Christ,

After worship last week, I was hit with the news my brother died of a sudden heart attack. It was a huge surprise as my mother had just talked with him a few hours before it happened and all he said was he was not feeling well. I remind people life is precious and to give thanks for it and be grateful for this beautiful life. I have been processing with friends and family.

I also decided to go to my leadership retreat anyway and did some processing there. In sadness and mourning like this, you will see my most introverted self. It is how I process. Members of the council found out on Sunday and I am grateful for their notes and support. I am finishing my time off this week, so the service will be led by Lee Ann and Jamie.

The great news is Phill is back behind the organ. I am so thankful for Larry, Lori, and John for their musical abilities and leadership during this time. Thank you for all those that made food and cared for Phill.

I am not sure what my week will look like next week. Thank you in advance for your prayers, your love, and your kindness. I appreciate it.

Pastor Johnson