Good day siblings in Christ,

This Sunday, the pews will have quilts on them and backpacks will line the sides. This is our LWR Sunday, when we will bless the quilts, school bags, baby supplies, and all the other items we have been collecting for the year to drop off in Yorktown. We will be packing them during the week, so if you are free to help pack, talk to some of our quilters on Sunday.

We are looking for 2-3 people to help plan our 90th anniversary dinner. The group will help make some decisions such as on-site or off-site; catered, restaurant, or pot luck; Saturday night or Sunday; etc. October 14-15, 2023 seems far away, but dinner planning will take time.

This year on September 18, we will be acknowledging Indian Boarding School Remembrance Day. It is normally on September 30, but I wanted to include it on Sunday this year. Some have asked if I could do more Native American centric activities in worship, so this service will be written by the American Indians and Native Alaskans of the ELCA. I did part of this at my installation, for those who may remember. 

Finally, this week we were sent an original painting of the church painted by a former member. This was given to us by Elaina Hampton in honor of our 90th anniversary. The back of the painting has information about who painted it and a little history. We are grateful to Elaina for this gift.

Pastor Johnson