Great week of camp

Good day siblings in Christ,

It was a great week of camp last week. I think I have finally caught up on sleep this last week and am somewhat back to normal. I taught a class titled “Unlearning Bad Teaching” where I taught about things like- why do we have 2,000 versions of the Bible, the role of the Bible in colonization and slavery, when did Jesus become White and European, how “homosexuality” of the Bible is no where near what the LGBTQIA understanding is today, and the three-fold view of the universe and how that makes heaven up and hell down even though we know now that magma is below us. Nice light topics. Some have said they wish they could be part of my class. Let’s see about this.

A huge thank you to Lee Ann for leading worship. This week, Phill is on vacation and Eleanor is playing. We will have a shorter service with music just for the hymns.

As September rolls closer, adult education will restart, Sunday school will begin again, and of course our 90th anniversary will be on October 15. Lots of exciting things happening soon!

Pastor Johnson