Next few weeks

Good day siblings in Christ,

There is a baptism this week, but sadly the congregation will not see it. While I am not in the habit of performing private baptisms outside of the worship service, during certain circumstances I will. This is one of those circumstances. Nicolas will be baptized on Saturday July 29. While we might not get a chance to meet Nicholas or his parents as a congregation, we still rejoice as a child is baptized into Christ. They are serving in the military and are originally from Chile. A day to rejoice.

My schedule the next few weeks is strange. I begin a vacation this week following the Sunday service. Patty’s family is coming up from Texas and we are showing them around the City. I will be at the service on August 6. After worship, I leave to teach at Pinecrest, a leadership camp for young adults, for a week. I will be teaching “Unlearning Bad Theology” for a week, so it is definitely a work week. There are 80 young adults expected and it is one of the longest running leadership camps. Lee Ann and Jamie will be leading worship on August 13. I am writing this because you may not get an update from me for two weeks.

Happy summer!

Pastor Johnson