An exciting week

Good day siblings in Christ,

Well, this was an exciting week! On Monday, we were informed by the Village that a new sidewalk was due to be installed from the parsonage to the end of the fellowship hall building. There wasn’t warning this would happen, so there were numerous scrambles to our programs. The work has not been completed yet.

Tomorrow is our annual meeting and there is only one way to access the building with a sidewalk. The only access is all the way down Cleveland by the Fellowship Hall building. One cannot currently come in through the main church doors or through the office without walking over wooden planks. There are also cones in front of the building blocking the parking spots. Some have chosen to park by the cones, but the car sits out in the street.

If you plan to come and walking is an issue, perhaps someone can drop you off by the Cleveland entrances while they find a parking spot. I will open both the link door and the door in the basement of the link. If you have issues walking, please do not use the plank as they rock a little bit and there are no railings. 

The expectation is the work will be completed by the end of next week, pending weather.

Here are important dates:

  • 11/19: Annual meeting of the congregation after worship
  • 12/9: Christmas Fair
  • 12/15: Christmas caroling
  • 12/24: Christmas Eve worship services 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Pastor Johnson