Good day siblings in Christ,

Just a few quick announcements today. THIS Sunday, we will celebrate our relationship with Croton Caring. It is the 1 year anniversary of Croton Caring moving their food pantry into our church building and things have been going so well. Croton Caring will host the coffee hour on Sunday, so please attend this great event.

Tonight’s Bible study online is canceled since several of the regular attendees are not available. The good news is the recorded version is already uploaded and will go live on Thursday at 6:00 a.m. on our Facebook and YouTube sites. Next week, we will pick up with the next set of material.

I finished our annual report to the ELCA this week and there was good news! I will write more about this in the newsletter, but our average attendance in the pews was UP over last year by 6 people and our average online viewership was UP by 15 people, with most viewers being local. Average in-person attendance is still below 2019, but is not too far either. The difference is in 2019, the only way you could attend our service was in person; since 2020, we have been broadcasting online. Our online attendance has been higher than our in-person attendance. I’ve asked the council what might this means for how we approach online ministry.

Pastor Johnson