Good day siblings in Christ,

There is NO Bible study tonight. The week got away from me for various reasons, so I have nothing prepared. We will gather NEXT week for a look at 1 John.

This weekend, you will be blessed by Rev Chris Mietlowski, the Assistant to the Bishop for the Metro NY Synod and all around good guy. He has offered to stay through coffee hour to chat with anyone who has questions or wanted to hear about what was happening in the Synod.

This Sunday you will also be treated to the lovely music played by Eleanor Keil. Thank you Eleanor for being our guest musician. Thank you Larry for playing last Sunday!

Before I sign off, I want to share some good news. In our latest council report, our treasurer, the incredible Bryan, shared that our giving is up for the year, but due to the rising cost of gas and electric, we are showing a deficit. I know I promised good news and the good news IS our giving is UP this year over last year. Except for last Sunday, our attendance is looking UP too. The Spirit and enthusiasm are up this year and I am grateful. While summer are usually struggle months, I hope we can keep the momentum throughout the summer. Being UP in anything right now is a rare thing in the larger church, so we are doing well. Thanks be to God!

Summerfest is in a few weeks. We will have a tent where there will be prayer flags, a quilt giveaway, and some yummy goodies. Sign ups will go up soon. This is a great way to be out in the neighborhood.

Pastor Johnson