Last Sunday

Good day siblings in Christ,

Thank you to Rev Chris Mietlowski for joining us last week. I heard wonderful things about the Sunday. I watched the stream and saw what a lovely service it was. Thank you to Eleanor for playing the organ. She did a fantastic job!

I had a wonderful time at my former congregation. While it was nice to visit, time moves forward and things change, so it was like going back home after college. There were some things the same, everyone was older, and yet everything was also different. I am grateful for their new leader and how their ministry is continuing. They too have shifted to a 3/4th time call and moved to a single service. Their 3/4ths set up is a little different, in that the pastor leads worship 3 out of 4 Sundays with members of the congregation leading worship on the 4th. When I was there, I trained some preachers, so it has worked out. If anyone would like to learn how to preach here, I will be happy to teach.

Speaking of teaching. I promised Bible study would resume this week, BUT I have now heard from some individuals that they cannot make this week or next week. Thus I am going to say we will resume Bible study in September, as it would have only been a two week lesson before I head off to Princeton and then Yale.

Summerfest is fast approaching and a plan has started. There are sign up sheets available. We need lots of hands to make it happen and it is a great way to be out in the community. 

Pastor Johnson