Good day siblings in Christ,

Sorry for the late edition this week. I was at the MS Walk in Rockland County this morning and am getting ready to bake some cookies this afternoon for Summerfest. I was also putting together material for an upcoming wedding in two weeks. Exciting stuff happening all around.

Tomorrow is Croton Summerfest and I know we are looking for someone to cover the booth from 4-6 p.m. We are having a giveaway for a beautiful quilt made by Marilyn, distributing brownies and cookies made by several members in the congregation, and having prayer ribbons people can fill out. This is a GREAT opportunity to be in the community where thousands of people will see us. If you can help, I am sure we can use it.

I wanted to remind the congregation that I will be away from June 9-22 and will be completely unavailable. One week I am heading to Princeton and the next to Yale for two different college fellowships. I will be learning techniques for preaching one week and talking about justice the following week. Sue and Melanie have contacts should there be a pastoral emergency either of those weeks. I will not be responding to emails or texts those weeks due to the intensive nature of the programs. 

See you tomorrow!

Pastor Johnson