Good day siblings in Christ,

For those that did not hear the joy on Sunday, we have been journeying together for 5 years now! Last weekend, five years ago, you called me as your pastor and it has been a joy journeying with you. Two years during Covid were very difficult, but the rest, a joy! 

Thank you everyone who helped roll the health care kits for Lutheran World Relief on Sunday. We rolled 90 kits in about 20 minutes. It was amazing to watch and participate. These kits will go out to help those in disaster areas.

The other announcement is about a congregational vote to allow the council to enter a contract for a new heat pump installation in the parsonage. It will be on July 9 and this will be the only business, so it should be a very quick meeting following worship.

The background is- during the annual prep for the air conditioners, we discovered the parsonage AC condenser had a big dent on the top that prevents the fan from spinning properly. It was either due to the time we took the big tree down or just some random damage. The unit was already 13-15 years old, so it would have needed replacement sometime soon anyway. 

The council has received bids to replace the unit with a heat pump. This means it can be used for heat for much of the Fall/early Winter months, saving on oil costs. The council cannot enter contracts for more than 5% of the total budget and the installation cost would be above that amount, so we need congregational approval. Donations toward the project will be welcomed. Please mark them as “Property”.

Pastor Johnson