Summer announcements

Good day siblings in Christ,

A big thank you the Lee Ann for leading worship last week. She always does a great job and it is wonderful to see her grow as a leader of the congregation. Thank you so much!

There will not be many announcements in the coming weeks as we enter a quieter time for the summer. There are, however, two activities happening that the congregation should be aware of.

The first is Croton Caring is doing a food drive right now and will pack and distribute food at the end of July. There is a flyer on the table about this or you can go to their website

The second is there is going to be a baptism coming up, but sadly, the congregation will not see it. While I am not in the habit of performing private baptisms outside of the worship service, during certain circumstances I will. This is one of those circumstances. Nicolas will be baptized on Saturday July 29. While we might not get a chance to meet Nicholas or his parents as a congregation, we still rejoice as a child is baptized into Christ. They are serving in the military and are originally from Chile. A day to rejoice.

One other announcement outside of the congregation is our very own Larry will be playing with his band “The 1-4-5s” on July 22 at 8:00 p.m. at the Boathouse in Ossining. 

Pastor Johnson